“No matter how good teaching may be, each student must take the responsibility for his own education”

Kanuru being a suburban area majority of the parents are from poorer sections and reluctant to send their kids to studies. However, the efforts of the committee to enroll every kid into school education succeeded and the school grew to become one of the best schools in Krishna District.

Students List

SI.NoClassSCSTBCOCBoys-TotalGirls-Total Total
BGBG BG BG Boys-TotalGirls-Total Total
1.6Th-A4711 64 12 121426
6Th-B121201 1012 28 243360
2.7Th-A161211 93 33 291948
7Th-B6101 1816 59 292756
3.8Th-A9611 148 74 311950
8Th-B7400 1212 65 252146
8Th-C4510 158 53 251641
4.9Th-A61900 1710 13 243256
9Th-B3702 1012 128 252954
5.10Th-A41610 1312 36 213455
10Th-B6400 712 611 192746
Total No.Of Students In School538

Infra Structure Details

1.6Acre School Area

A Large Area of 1.6Acre for Buildings and PlayGrounds.And Other Future Needs

Wide Class Rooms

10+ of class rooms with wide architecture and with Good Ventilation

Biggest Play Ground

Biggest Play ground With all Sports Kits And P.E.T

Open Air Auditorium

Open Air Auditorium(Vishwa Kala Vedika) for events & happenings of School

Achievements Of Our School

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